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A unique and different site from the competition, flagship of the motto « SPECTACULAR », which illustrates the tone-of-voice of the brand, that gives more information on the fragrances and brand content than other and which offers an experience and impacting services


December 2019

my job

In this project, I had to redesign the entire site by bringing in the e-commerce side missing until then, while keeping the madness of the creator and the visual world of luxury.


School project

double navigation

My idea was to split the navigation by keeping the brand history aspect on one side and the e-commerce aspect on the other.
This way, users can access the content very easily without having a single very busy menu.

custom your pack

In order to offer an extraordinary experience in the image of its creator, the shopping tunnel has been transformed into a personalization tunnel to offer services and options for all types of personnas established upstream.

see the project on behance



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